Gestoría Diéguez

Gestoría y Asesoría de Empresas

The registration is not required, but ensures good faith towards third document to be submitted to the registry where the legal estate still needs to be completed fiscal requirements.

The land registry has 15 days to answer you if writing is correct or defective and 60 days to proceed to register it.

When the title is taken to record indicates a phone number, because once registered call record, specifying the amount to pay.

Scriptures Management

What is it?

This service offers our clients the complete management guarantee enrollment in any public document (Mortgages, Buy and Sell, Inheritance) in the Register of Deeds and Companies of Spain.

  1. Sale
  2. Cancellation mortgage
  3. Donations
  4. Real Estates and Foreclosures
  5. Separations of goods
  6. Marriage contract


What is it?

It is a complete simple note that envisage the entire history of the farm.

What is?

It's the way you have to know all the incidents of an estate.