Gestoría Diéguez

Gestoría y Asesoría de Empresas

The formal advertising provided by the Central Commercial Register is purely informative. To obtain certification or simple note of total registry entries, you must take the matter to appropriate Provincial Trade Register.

This information is completely CONFIDENTIAL and is only accessible by Internet professionals who have a code provided by the Registry.

The information you can get is:


Knowing the name of the Company and / or the NIF:

  • Registration details
  • Company Name
  • CIF
  • Place of business
  • Purpose
  • Subscribed
  • Capital paid
  • Administrators
  • Proxies
  • Deposits of financial statements presented
  • Summary of entries
  • Detail of inscriptions


Knowing the full name of the person to consult and / or the NIF is to know is how many companies or Proxy Manager that person, taking into account that if some society Proxy since before January 1, 1990 will not be able to find out .