Gestoría Diéguez

Gestoría y Asesoría de Empresas

In Dieguez Solicitors we offer ALREADY ACTIVE, national company specializing exclusively in the field of data protection, with a highly qualified team of technicians.

We offer everything related to this field, summarized in three phases:

Stage 1: Technical Evaluation of computer system and files containing personal data.

Phase 2: Declaration of files, completion of forms for notification of processing of personal data of private ownership and submission of the forms at the General Registry of Data Protection for enrollment and registration.

Phase 3: Development of the Security Document, as the level required by current legislation.

It is extremely important to comply with this obligation, since there are already asking inspectors units Security Document and the simple fact of not having it and being required to do could result in a penalty of 6000-600000. - ?.